Visual Communication Drawings

  Some Work from 2014: Visual Communication 3, practicing using different media and visually showing form. Although I naturally am attracted to older designs, I also try and push for futuristic form language.

DC5R Flush Mount Foglights for Mugen

These fog lights were designed and constructed for a customer with a Mugen DC5 Type R, looking for a unique lighting solution to his front end of his car. These housings have oem… Continue reading

Buddy Club P1 17 x 9 +17 Stagger Wheel Fitment

Here, my favourite wheels from Japan arrived safely. In a rare GTR spec setup, 17×9 +17, I have decided to use these up front to gain more grip for the drive wheels

DC5 Lip Spoiler Progress

Casale Lip Spoiler has made it to the west coast! Now awaiting a splitter blade for testing on one of the local tracks in California. Dynamic view showing the car with the 17″… Continue reading

Spoiler Tooling

Trunklid Spoiler Mold and Customer Photos

Front Under Spoiler Prototype

Front Lip Splitter

Fog Light Housing Prototype

Fog Light Housing Design

Shout Out to Neighborhood Film Company

I had a quick visit to the NFCO. (Neighborhood Film Company) studio and was given a company shirt to take back to Aussie land. The cool studio space is tucked away on such… Continue reading

2012 Acura RSX Spoiler product sample photos

Product sample photos from the manufacturer