Professional Work: Honda Virtual Garage

Here are some image asset examples that were created over the past year for different departments at Honda and Acura.

These assets were created using Deltagen, a 3D Visualization Software. Deltagen is a product from 3DEXCITE (Dassault Systemes)

The purpose of this post is to showcase my skills as a visual 3D artist. Any questions, please email me.



Ghosted image that was used by Honda’s Public Relations department. This was lit and rendered in multiple passes. Then compiled in photoshop afterwards.



Overhead interior image shot, with the roof, ace structure and headliner hidden.


Interior seating configuration image used to show multiple seating positions.


This Honda Clarity image was created for public relations. This was made to be a teaser image to debut a new trim.


This image is of the Civic Type R engine bay, showing a unusual angle/ view that would be very difficult to achieve with a practical camera shoot.

Fun Rear Shot

This image is of the Acura ILX, shown in a somewhat studio/ creative background that was created. A-Spec trim.

Fun Shot Front ILX

Another view of the ILX, showing the capability of illuminated lighting and some extra photoshop editing.

hood shot fun

In hommage to the days when it was cool to edit photos with ghosted engine bays? Well here is a OEM rendition of that trend.

Side Shot Teaser ILX

Using the less is more concept to show off the form of a vehicle.


Lastly, a mechanical engine bay image highlighting the valve cover from a Acura TLX.


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