Buddy Club P1 17 x 9 +17 Stagger Wheel Fitment


Here, my favourite wheels from Japan arrived safely. In a rare GTR spec setup, 17×9 +17, I have decided to use these up front to gain more grip for the drive wheels




    1. In these photos no, no spacers here. This was my old dc5, my new one is the red car.

      But these are older photos. I now have them installed with 255 series tires all around. 15mm spacer front, 5mm spacer rear. So that makes them front: 17x 9 +17 (with 15mm spacer = +2) and rear: 17 x 9 +37 (with 5 mm spacer = +32). Yes they are 5 x 114.3. Rear fenders rolled, front fenders custom wide 30mm. Fitment is quite flush.

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